Who We Are

Fontem US is a leader in vaping technology. Our pioneering vape brand, blu, was established in 2009 and, since then, has been guided by a mission of creating something better for the world’s adult smokers.

We support adult smokers who make the personal choice to try something different than a combustible cigarette by providing a satisfying vaping experience, backed by the latest science and innovation.

Fontem US is a subsidiary of Fontem Ventures B.V., an Imperial Brands PLC company. Our products are available in the United States, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain, with additional markets on the horizon.

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What We Believe

Electronic vaping products (EVPs) are for adult smokers and current EVP users only. We fully support and advocate for legislation prohibiting sales of vaping products to minors, and we voluntarily implement a number of youth protection initiatives, including online age-verification mechanisms and clear product labeling that states “not for sale to minors.”

We also employ stringent marketing standards exceeding those required by law. In all marketing, advertising and communications activities, we clearly state that EVPs are an adult-only category and should not be targeted at young people or non-smokers.

EVPs should be regulated using a reasonable, evidence-based approach rooted in scientific research and policymakers, public health advocates and EVP manufacturers should share the goal of advancing research specific to the category. We urge regulators to recognize that EVPs may offer harm reduction possibilities as a potentially less harmful alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes.

Fontem is encouraged that even the FDA, through their  Comprehensive Regulatory Plan that they launched in July 2017 looks to focus on:

  • Acknowledging that while highly addictive, nicotine is delivered through products on a continuum of risk and cigarettes are the most harmful
  • Striking an appropriate balance between smart regulation and encouraging innovation of satisfying, less harmful products
  • Continuing to base all actions on regulatory and scientific foundation

EVP regulations should require robust product quality and safety standards, as well as govern responsible marketing practices ensuring youth protection.

About Our Products

We manufacture electronic vaping products (EVPs), battery powered devices that heat e-liquids to create an aerosol which is then inhaled by the user. EVPs, and the e-liquids they contain, are fundamentally different from combustible cigarettes, as they do not contain tobacco. Our e-liquids are produced in varying nicotine strengths, with nicotine-free variants available.

We also offer a variety of flavors to adult smokers, as research has shown that flavors play a critical role in helping adult smokers make the transition from combustible cigarettes to potentially less harmful EVPs.

The CDC and FDA have linked health issues to e-liquids that contain vitamin E acetate and other oils. None of our products contain THC, vitamin E acetate, mineral oils or animal fats. Our products, their ingredients and the vapor produced from them undergo thorough scientific assessment prior to manufacture and sale.

We support the FDA in warning consumers to “avoid buying vaping products of any kind on the street, and to refrain from using THC oil or modifying/adding any substances to products purchased in stores”.  

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