Fontem Ventures comments on potential US FDA guidance restricting flavoured e-vapour products

Fontem agrees, without equivocation, that youth should not use vaping products or any tobacco or nicotine-containing products. We support reasonable, effective, data-driven regulation of the marketing and sale of e-vapour products, including flavoured e-liquids, to back that goal. Fontem’s US subsidiary, Fontem US, LLC submitted scientific evidence to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), most recently in May 2019 , regarding the treatment of flavours, which have been scientifically shown to play a central and important role in achieving the FDA’s goal of migrating cigarette smokers to potentially less harmful nicotine products.

While respecting the US government’s motivation and responsibility to act on youth vaping, we believe the forthcoming FDA Guidance restricting the sale of flavoured e-vapour products will have unintended consequences. These include deterring adult smokers from trying vaping, potentially encouraging adult vapers to return to smoking, growth in DIY or illicit flavour-making, and the potential development of an illicit trade in flavoured e-liquids or flavour agents.

We remain open to actively engaging with the FDA on this subject and as a responsible manufacturer we will comply with any changes to regulations governing e-vapour products in the US that are forthcoming.

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