ITG Brands and Fontem US, LLC Statement on FDA Guidance Related to Certain Flavored Electronic Vaping Products

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. (January 3, 2020)—ITG Brands and Fontem US, LLC issued the following statement in response to new guidance released by the Food and Drug Administration that will halt the manufacture, distribution and sale of certain flavors sold for vaping cartridge systems. 

 “ITG and Fontem believe, without equivocation, that only adults should use nicotine-containing products, and we share the view that prevention of youth access to EVPs is an issue of critical importance. We take our responsibility of marketing our products only to their intended adult audience very seriously and will continue to prioritize youth access prevention efforts. 

 “Research indicates that access to a variety of flavors is a key factor for those adult smokers who are looking to choose something other than a combustible tobacco product. We therefore continue to believe strongly that options for current adult smokers and vapers should be preserved. ITG and Fontem also share concerns expressed by public health advocates that restrictions on the sale of flavored vapor products may have adverse unintended consequences. 

 “Fontem has demonstrated an ongoing willingness to engage in good faith with regulators and policymakers, and we are disappointed that the FDA has modified its enforcement policy. However, we remain committed to working cooperatively with regulators and are focused on preparing our Premarket Tobacco Product Application responses for blu products.” 

 About Fontem US, LLC 

 Designed for smokers, by smokers, blu has been a trusted leader of adult consumer satisfaction since launching in 2009. blu products are available online and in stores across the U.S. market. The blu brand is owned by Fontem Ventures, a subsidiary of the Imperial Brands Group. 

 About ITG Brands 

 ITG Brands, the US affiliate of Fontem US, sells and distributes Fontem products throughout the US.