Nicotine is an addictive substance

We recognize that nicotine is an addictive substance and disclose that fact on all of our products that contain it. Research indicates that adult smokers are most interested in finding something different than combustible tobacco cigarettes, and that the inclusion of nicotine in electronic vaping products (EVPs) is a critical factor for adult smokers looking to transition from smoking to vaping.

Research also shows that control over the nicotine level in EVPs is important to adult smokers. We offer a variety of nicotine levels in our products, including zero nicotine. This allows adults smokers to select a product that best suits their needs as they transition from tobacco cigarettes and to lower nicotine products.

We believe that flavors play an important role for adult smokers who make the personal choice to try something different than a combustible cigarette

Research indicates that many adult smokers seek a satisfying alternative for combustible tobacco cigarettes and that access to a variety of flavors is a key factor for adult smokers looking to choose something different. Indiscriminate bans on flavors could undermine the use of EVPs, a potentially less harmful alternative for adult smokers.

We have strong marketing standards that reduce the risk that flavors may appeal to minors and have proactively and voluntarily enacted numerous policies aimed specifically at youth access prevention.

We are committed to responsible marketing, advertising and sales

We advertise responsibly, targeting only current adult smokers and vapers. We proactively implemented strong and comprehensive standards beyond those required by law to guide the advertising and marketing of our products.

We believe that advertisements should not appeal to anyone under the age of 21, should not appear in or on channels intended for minors, should not be associated with youth culture and should not feature individuals who are, or seem to be, under the age of 25.